Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Boston or Bust

It seems like I can either write blog posts or keep my house clean/work out/cook/be social/etc. When I try to do all things at once, something slips. Right now, it's my blog and my cluttered bathroom counter tops (where did all those makeup bottles come from, anyway?).


Apologies all around, and I will try to get back to your regular, sporadically scheduled updates on what's going on in my life. This past month, I've actually stuck with the Crossfit thing. I've gone three to four times a week, and I can actually do a push up now.

That's right, this girl can do a push up.

I never thought I'd like Crossfit, but it's surprisingly fun. And that's all I will say about Crossfit, because as my brother has pointed out, people who do Crossfit looove to tell you all about it.

Instead, I will tell you about running!

I've had a long-standing love/hate relationship with running for a few years now, with the scale heavily tipped towards hate this year. Running sucked. It was hard. It was long. It felt like a joyless slog. I never got that rush of happy exercise endorphins. When we had to run during our Crossfit warm ups, I gritted my teeth and hated it.

But after a month, something changed. The scale hasn't budged, so it's not like I'm carrying less weight. However, that extra strength I built up has made running SO. MUCH. EASIER.

I decided I was going to sign up for the Cap City Half in May again (I know, I know). I went out for the first run in a long time last week - and I was fast! (For me). I went from a 13-14ish mile pace to a 10 minute mile pace. On a route with a big hill!


And then I decided something crazier.

I want to run the Boston Marathon.

I know, that's nuts. For the longest time, I swore I would never run a marathon. My dad runs marathons. Marathoners are nuts. First it's marathons, then it's triathlons, then you're out doing an Ironman tra-la-la and I did not want that. No way, no how. Those people were nuts.

To qualify for Boston, I have to run a 3 hrs 35 minutes marathon. When I turn thirty-five, that bumps up to 3 hrs 40 minutes. That's an 8:39/minute mile pace. That is insane. I don't think I could do one mile that fast, much less twenty-six.

So, naturally, I want to do it. When the registration opens up, I'm signing up for the Columbus Marathon in October 2016. I'm going to keep Crossfitting and running, and we'll see what time I get. It's going to be a long road - it will probably take years of running to get there.

But I'm going to do it.

Boston or Bust - here's hoping 2020 is my year!

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