Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

As promised, I have my recipe for a light squash soup that easily customizable, and perfect when you want something filling without being heavy. Or if you really love squash (I do).

Roasted Butternut and Pumpkin Soup
1 butternut squash
1 small pie pumpkin
Coconut oil
Vegetable stock, approximately 2 cups (or chicken, whatever floats your boat)
Braggs Liquid Aminos
Spices (I used Mrs. Dash's Extra Spicy, which contains black pepper, sweet chili pepper, cayenne pepper, celery seed, oregano, cumin, basil, bay, marjoram, savory, thyme, coriander, mustard, rosemary, onion, garlic, tomato, orange peel, and oil of lemon)
Extra Garlic
Garnish (Chives, croutons, bacon, etc.)

  1.  Peel and cube your butternut squash. It doesn't have to be pretty, as it's going to be pureed at the end anyway. I roasted the cubes in 2 Tbsp coconut oil at 400 degrees for about twenty minutes, tossing every ten. Depending on the size of the squash, it will take more/less time. Basically, let it go until the outsides are brown and has a lovely caramelized crust going. Set aside to cool.
  2. Cut your pumpkin in half, gut it, and place it cut-side-down in a baking dish with about 1/4 inch of water. Cook at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes. Again, size matters (don't laugh, you immature reader!) - you know it's done when a fork can piece the outside skin with no resistance. Pull it out of the oven and let it cool. Once it's cool enough to touch, you can scoop that pumpkin-y goodness out with a spoon.
  3. Either puree the butternut and pumpkin in your blender, or add to a soup pot and use an immersion blender (such nifty things!), along with 2 cups of stock of your choice and enough water as needed to give it the right soup texture. Blend.
  4. THIS is when you season - not before! For umami flavor, I add a bit of Bragg's liquid aminos (just a few small shakes), some sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, Mrs. Dash (but any spices will do - if you want sweet, go for nutmeg and cinnamon, for Asian, a dash of lemongrass, coconut milk, and cilantro, etc.), and I added more garlic. For me, you can never have too much garlic. If you have any roasted garlic on hand, use it! If not, be a cheater and use some of the minced garlic in oil from the grocery store.
  5. At this point, you want to heat it through on the stove. It should have a velvety, rich texture without being too heavy. Garnish with anything you'd like, but I'm partial to chives. Enjoy the sweet, roasted flavor of the squash and the raves of your boyfriend.
Depending on the sizes of your squash, you can get anywhere from 4-8 servings. If you thinned out the soup, you could get more, but I think it loses something if it's not thick and hearty. This is easily adaptable for many diets - vegan to start, could go paleo if you swap out the Bragg's for coconut aminos, if you want it to be more hearty, use chicken stock and garnish with a lot of bacon, etc. etc. Most importantly - enjoy!

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