Friday, December 5, 2014

Seven Quick Takes v. 7

Seven Quick Takes, now in even shorter, picture form! Ready? GO:



I have decided that I need a dog.

The picture really speaks for itself, you know?


Speaking of dogs....

I am still cackling over this pic I stumbled upon at Catholic Memes.  Much candles, so preparing indeed.


I actually worked out a bunch this week.

Running, yoga, strength training? I got it allllll in.



Except there is one downside to this whole "exercise" thing:

Seriously, is there a way to do this without all the sweating? I need to know "for a friend."



I did my annual watch-Charlie-Brown-Christmas-with-mom tradition this week.

It never gets old. I actually think it gets better every year. There may have been a tear or two at the end.


Speaking of Christmas specials from my youth....

Yukon Cornelius really is the best character from any Christmas special. Can't wait to sit down with all my claymation favorites - yes,even those California Raisins we all know and love.


This rapid-fire posting is exhausting!

Or maybe it was the work week? Or the exercise! My body isn't used to having to do this movement thing. At any rate, I'll be seeing you on the flip side over at Kelly's.

Linking this post up with others doing 7 Quick Takes at This Ain't the Lyceum with Kelly Mantoan. We'll miss you hosting, Jen!

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