Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tea Time Tuesday

Reviving Tea Time Tuesday to spotlight two new favorites from Petali Teas. Both of these are fantastic teas for colder weather, or when you're craving a bit of sweet for your day.

German Chocolate Cake Black Tea has a strong scent of coconut when you open the tin. Once brewed, it's a more balanced blend of coconut, with a warm nutty aftertaste and just a hint of cocoa. It's not overwhelmingly sweet - it smells like it should be, but instead, it's a milder drink. A bit of Frangelico would be heavenly in it.

Tangerine Amaretto White Tea is very citrus when you open the tin, smelling of tangerines, oranges, and perhaps a bit of lemon. Only after a moment do you catch a whiff of the almonds. The taste is more complex, probably due to the olive leaves that are blended with the white tea. To me, this tastes very "holiday" with it's marzipan and citrus overtones. And with the added health benefits of white tea and olive leaf, I can feel very virtuous indulging in a cup. No cream or sugar needed - it's a treat all by itself.

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