Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tea Time Tuesday

It's that time again to review a few of my favorite finds! Once again, I'm highlighting some great blends I discovered at Petali Teas. This week, I'm spotlighting two of my early fall favorites.

Brown Sugar Black Tea is a milder black tea, with a lovely, caramelized sugar taste. It has some depth to it - hints of spice and maple, perhaps a little citrus as well. It's a great pick when I'm looking for something sweet, but it's not overpowering. With a dash of cream, this is heaven in a cup!

Poached Pears White Tea is a very soft taste. It would make an incredibly refreshing iced tea, but it is tea like this that I can see why The Boyfriend doesn't like it - it's not super saturated. For taste buds used to unadulterated fruit juice or sodas, I can see why this tea might seem tepid in comparison. But it's not. It's light, yes - but it is very fresh tasting. It is reminiscent of a ripe pear, with a light addition of baking spices. I could drink this tea all day. It's well worth developing a taste for the lighter teas. I know, I sound like a wine snob right now, talking about hints of this and opening up the palate. But truly, teas like this take time to appreciate, but once you develop a taste for milder flavors, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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