Friday, August 1, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: v. 6

Seven Quick Takes bits and bobs of what's going on in my life edition.


It's here! It's here! My favorite weekend of the year!

Source: DIF Facebook

The Dublin Irish Festival (the largest Irish festival in the nation!) is right up there with Christmas for me. It's my favorite weekend of the year. Loads of great bands, dancing, food, games. I cannot wait to get out of work and head over there tonight.


After this weekend, it's pretty much all downhill from there.

It seems like Autumn begins in a blink right after the festival, and then somehow, it's already the holidays. We're only 145 days from Christmas. Just saying.


That means we're only 70 days from  NYC!

Yes, that song is playing in a loop in my head. Now we're in Neeewww Yorkkkkkk!

The Boyfriend and I have planned our next trip for NYC in October, and I am giddy with excitement. I've never been. So I am eagerly making lists of places to go like:
  • Le Bernadin 
    • The Boyfriend: We are not paying $600 for a meal.
  • Les Mis on Broadway
    • The Boyfriend: That's a really long musical....
  • Barney's/Bergdorf's/Chanel/wherever they went on Sex and the City
    • The Boyfriend: Why? (It might have been a Nancy Kerrigan-esque whyyyyyy but I'll never tell).



In desperation to use up a bunch of produce from my CSA share, I may have stumbled upon the best smoothie ever.

I am currently in the take-cute-pics stage of the refinement process, but expect a fantastic recipe next week. I'll warn you ahead of time - it's green. Very, very green.



Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out what to do with thirty yellow Japanese plums.

We hit the mother load this week - at least thirty of these plums I'd never seen before. They taste great, but there is no way I can eat them all in the small 12 hour window of perfect ripeness.

So maybe I'll make a plum clafoutis? Plum applesauce? I'm at a loss here, guys.


I didn't think they were going to be able to top Carrie Underwood for tragic awfulness in a musical. I was wrong.

I grew up with a much-loved VHS of Mary Martin as Peter Pan. You, Allison Williams, are no Peter Pan.


And I was so excited after the casting of Christopher Walken as Captain Hook, too.


And on a more serious note, I really needed to hear this.

Source: Sophia Institute Press

Important reminder for me this week.

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