Thursday, April 10, 2014

Movie Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

A little late in posting this, but a few weeks back, I saw Wes Anderson's new film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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As The Royal Tennenbaums is one of my absolute favorite movies, I loved The Grand Budapest Hotel. It's funny and melancholy and sweet and just a little bit weird. If Wes Anderson is your thing, The Grand Budapest Hotel will be a few hours of great enjoyment. 

If it's not, well - you and The Boyfriend can commiserate.

The Grand Budapest Hotel tells the story of the legendary Gustave H., a concierge at a grand hotel whose golden age has already started to fade, and Zero Moustafa, a lobby boy at the hotel. Ralph Fiennes is hilarious as the flamboyant, poetry-spouting, profanity-spewing concierge, and of course, there are fantastic cameos by all of Wes Anderson's usual favorites. 

On the surface, the movie is frothy, with a lovely romance subplot, and even the violence is used more often than not for comedic effect. But there's a wistfulness to the movie as well, as the aging Zero recounts those halcyon glory days. The ending to me was bittersweet. I won't spoil you, as I know how touchy some can be over those sorts of things, but I will urge you to see it. The comedy is superb, and the plotting is well paced. In the end, it's fairly complex. I left the theater both amused and sad, as the comedy and drama are excellently balanced.

In my opinion, it's Wes Anderson's best.

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