Friday, March 28, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: v. 4


I've talked before about my love for what amounts to glorified grass clippings.

Yes, I'm talking about green juice. It's no secret I love the overpriced stuff. It did take some getting used to at first, and I still find any blend with celery in it soul-crushingly awful, but now I feel like my day is not complete without some.  It's refreshing and I feel very healthy and angelic, substituting my usual soda for a fruit and vegetable concotion.

Anyway, this was a long-winded way of saying that I'm so excited that Native Cold Pressed  juicery has opened up in the Short North. The Zinger is a perk-you-up-immediately, sinus-clearing shot of sunshine, with apple, lemon, and ginger. The Sweet Greens have a unique twist, subbing pear for apple. Green Grapefruit really shines, with fennel, spirulina, and grapefruit - I wish it came in a bigger size! Truly, every flavor I have tried has been fantastic, and the higher prices are offset by the fact that they do bottle refunds.

The Boyfriend still thinks I'm nuts and now eyes every beverage I'm drinking with suspicious eyes. I suppose I've pulled the "Here, try this. It's so good!" a few too many times. But if you're looking to get into juicing, I'd definitely recommend Native Cold Pressed.


We are finally, finally starting to see some small signs of Spring.

This winter has been brutal. I kept telling myself that March would be better and we'd see some more warm days and sunshine. That really hasn't happened yet, just more snow! At least I have this small, promising sign of things to come.


I have 35 days until the Cap City Half Marathon.

So far, my training has been a bit lackadaisical - I kept looking forward to running outside in the sun, as there are only so many miles you can do indoors on a treadmill before feeling like a hamster. I originally wanted to beat my previous time of 2:16, but not I will be happy just to run the whole thing. 12 minute mile pacers, represent!


RCIA is starting to wind down.

We only have a few sessions left. The time really seems to have flown by - I swear, it was just Christmas. Now I'm at the point where I'm asking things like, "How much water are you going to pour on my head? This isn't going to be like that baby pool bit in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, right? Right?"


March Madness is starting to heat up.

My bracket has been blown to bits. Usually, my very scientific method of: 1) Have I heard of the team?; 2) Do I like their colors?; and 3) Are the players cute when I Google? fares well. I'm usually not too far off the mark, even though every year I have to ask myself where the heck Gonzaga is.

Not this year. Dayton, Duke, Tennessee? - I'm looking at you. Thanks for completely derailing my bracket-bragging dreams. Maybe next year!


I still can't get over the whole Kimye Vogue cover.

Yes, yes, I know I shouldn't care, and Vogue has been doing the slow death spiral down the drain for a while, but I serious cannot with the whole Kimye feature.

Credit: Suri's Burn Book

Suri's Burn Book sums up my feelings rather admirably on this point. (Doesn't it always?)


Speaking of celebrities, the St. Brigid Players are starting up again!

A friend of mine participated in a few of the parish shows, and I was so excited to see emails flying about, and dates being set. I haven't done any theater since early college, and I think it will be so much fun to get back into it again. I had a lot of fun doing shows in high school and college, even if it was painful for friends and family to sit through the productions. I don't know if I'll be onstage or behind the scenes, but it's a real treat to have the free time to do things like this again!

Much more fun than that madcap idea to run a half-marathon. What was I thinking?

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