Friday, February 7, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: v. 2



The Olympics begins!

I know a lot of people find the Summer Olympics more exciting than the Winter Olympics - but I love (LOVE) the Winter Olympics. Ice dancing! Luge! CURLING!

I am determined to pick up curling. There is a local curling club which has lessons, but they are surprisingly full, and The Boyfriend has yet to be convinced of the potential fun of this sport. I am convinced that curling is my ticket to partying in the Olympic village. 


What does the fox say?

I was excited to find this while shopping for a birthday present for a friend's son. Unfortunately, it was not a musical book as I had hoped. However, it does come with a link to online activities with that earworm of a song.

There may have been evil cackling when I wrapped that present.


A little bit of blog (and book) loving.

It's no secret that I like to snark on Twilight. My friend Leslie in particular has had to endure rants on imprinting, Bella having the personality of cardboard, and how vampires should never, ever sparkle.

There are plenty of posts in the blogosphere that do an excellent job deconstructing Twilight. But I had to go out of my way to recommend Molly Makes Do for her perfect list of books a girl (or woman!) should read before Twilight.

Great Girls Your Daughter Should Know Before She Reads Twilight

Great Girls Your Daughter Should Know Anniversary Edition

So many of these female characters and their stories were beloved friends from my childhood. From the classics, like Jo and her sisters from Little Women to the fierceness of Tamora Pierce's many, many great female leads, so many of these protagonists had a profound impact on me. Growing up, I wanted to be a writer like Jo, a princess like Sara Crewe, to rage against indignity like Antigone, to wear puffed sleeves like Anne Shirley, or chart my own course like Alanna the Lionness.

When I finally read Twilight, after so many classics, the only appeal was in pointing out the small fragments of compelling idea, to point out where Stephanie Meyer went wrong, rather than swooning over Edward Cullen's inexplicable stalking of milquetoast Bella.


Happiness is...

I am ridiculously obsessed with this song. OBSESSED.

(It's "Happy" by Pharrell, in case you haven't listened to this perfect, perfect song yet).


My parents were in Miami, Florida this week.

I had to shovel ten inches of ice-encrusted snow. Somehow, life doesn't seem very fair.


I'm seeing ten thousand Zimbio personality quizzes blowing up my Facebook feed.

The sad thing is that it's all from women my age. Do we really need to know once again that yes, Belle is your best Disney princess? How quickly we all forget Quizilla, your pre-Facebook, pre-Pinterest procrastination tool of choice.


Speaking of Miami, I think I'd be a hit with all the retirees down there.

The Boyfriend recently taught me to play Bridge. Yes, Bridge. Apparently, he joined a league at the urging of one of his coworkers, and found himself to be the youngest person there by forty-so years.

Now I know why so many retired persons play Bridge. It definitely keeps your mind sharp - it's hard! Playing a hand is fairly similar to Euchre, but this bidding thing. Tricky, tricky.

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