Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Last Thursday, I tried a semi-new bakery in Columbus called Kolache Republic. I'd read about the bakery in The Columbus Dispatch, and thought it sounded intriguing. The owners apparently fell in love with kolaches in Texas, and after success trying it themselves at the farmers markets, decided to open their own store. I can't say no to Eastern European food, or any pastry really, so a kolache sounded like a fun thing to try. I know, right now you're saying - what the heck is a kolache? From the source itself:

A kolache is a Czech pastry made of slightly sweet dough baked with a variety of fruit, nut, sweet cheese and meat fillings and are popular in areas with large Czech populations such as Texas.

Kolaches are delicious!  I had thought the dough would be more dense, like a pączki, but the dough was incredibly light. More like a croissant than a pączki. Apparently, the Kolache Republic does a prune kolache, which is definitely in my breakfast future. Prune pączkis are the best thing about Fat Tuesday. I'm sure the prune kolache will be equal to it!

Anyway, I ended up trying a savory kolache for lunch. I ordered the Hawaiian braised pork with roasted pineapple, pickled jalepenos, and cilantro scallion relish. It was much larger than I expect, but very good. It had enough kick and spice to it that I liked it, but most people who aren't babies about spicy foods will probably not feel any heat at all. (Let me tell you about that time I thought a habenero hot sauce was a mango sauce.... At work.)

Kolache Republic also has sausage kolaches, flatbreads, a few good looking sides, and coffee. It's not too far from where I work in German Village, so I'm thinking Christmas breakfast pastries may now be coming from both here and Pistacia Vera. 

I've been meaning to take pictures of the places I go and the food I try, but I was so hungry, I ate the whole thing before remembering my resolution. Next time, I promise!


Monday, I went with The Boyfriend to Two Fish Bistro as we had a Groupon that was on the verge of expiring. The Boyfriend loves seafood, so I thought it would be a great place to try. Alas, I had not read the Yelp reviews before I bought the Groupon, or I would have thought twice about it.

Our service was a bit poor - the server never gave us drink menus or even asked us if we wanted anything other than water. He seemed a bit helter skelter, so I'm thinking he was trying to hold down the fort. About halfway through our meal, another woman came in to help, and he seemed to have a better handle on things.

The food, however, came out quickly and at the same time, despite ordering from the hot and cold kitchen. The Boyfriend ordered the split salmon, which I'd seen online raves for. It was salmon stuffed with cream cheese over veggies and hash browns with a lemon beurre blanc sauce. I tasted a bit - it was very good, but incredibly salty. Boyfriend loved it, but I'm thinking I could replicate it at home better.

The Boyfriend also stated that he did not get enough screen time in the blog, so here's my obligatory shout out to him. Sorry, Boyfriend, this blog isn't about you - I'm not going to devote a whole entry to your funny quips. You'll have to start your own blog for that!

Back to the food. I really do more than just eat, I swear. But this week was incredibly busy, so I didn't get around to writing any other blog entries. Anyway, I ordered the champagne shrimp and an Alaskan roll. The champagne shrimp were supposed to come with tomatoes and fried spinach. I ended up with a sea of sauce and corn, no tomatoes, and barely any spinach. According to Yelp,it's common practice to have items come out with little resemblance to the menu. It was all right, but like Boyfriend's dish, far too salty. The sushi was okay, with mediocre fish. All told, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't really great, either. Still, it was a good Groupon and a fun experience.


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